Christmas Offer - Cookies and Cupcakes

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Indulge in our mouth-watering, handmade box of 6 cookies and 6 cupcakes.

Choose from our huge range of flavours to add to your Christmas gifts this year.

We're proud to offer vegetarian cookies and cupcakes all of which are egg-free 🌱

We also cater to vegans and those who require gluten-free options, contact us for these options.

Butter, sugar, milk, vanilla, flour, soda bicarbonate, mixed chocolates, (ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon), (nuts - peanut butter).

Oil, yogurt, sugar, wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda (other mixed ingredients depending of flavour chosen.

Allergens: wheat and dairy

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We appreciate your support for our small business and thank you for choosing us to satisfy your sweet cravings.